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Kevin Hutchinson - Kindle Kart

Right across the street from Montgomery Parks sits an unassuming, solo food cart selling pizza and burgers. The food, however, assumes everything. It assumes you’re done with forgettable, pedestrian food and craving fresh flavors, dough made from scratch, and a meal made with genuine desire for perfection. For Kevin Hutchinson—a food-industry veteran of 15 years—“good” pizza misses the mark. He wants his pizza to blow you away.

The challenge of amazing, extraordinary pizza spurred Kevin to start up Kindle Kart. Here, he could focus less on the administrative duties inherent in restaurant ownership and more on the technique, ingredients, and passion that goes into every pizza and burger leaving his cart.

You can taste this single-minded focus in his food. To Kevin, a good pizza isn’t about piling on the toppings. It’s about a few simple, high-quality ingredients and a good tangy/bitter crust with a bit of char. His burgers are held to equally high standards. House-made buns, freshly ground beef, and a bacon-seasoned patty make for a truly killer burger.

So stop by Kindle Kart for a taste of conventional elevated to extraordinary.




imageHow Kevin makes his pizza.

imageCheck out the pizza cooking in this woodfire oven!


imageFresh from the oven!

imageThat is one beautiful handmade pizza!

imageThis is the Margherita pizza.

imageNow onto their delicious burgers! Kevin is making us a Jalapeno burger.


imageLook at that cheese melt!


imageIt’s a really darn good burger, so here’s another picture of it for you.


Here’s what it looks like cut in half. :)

In case you missed it. Here was the video we made of the cart!

Kindle Kart
NW 27th & Wilson (right across from Montgomery Pary)
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Photos and Videos by KIM+PHIL Photo
Text edited by Terri Phillips