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Jason Myers - Sideshow Eatery

Is there anything on earth quite like pork belly, that flavorful, fatty, melt-in-your mouth birthplace of bacon? (Just typing that sentence caused the salivary glands to fire up.) Jason Myers of Sideshow Eatery takes this perfect cut of meat, cures it overnight, slow cooks it for two hours, and sears it right before serving it up on a bed of arugula, pickled apples, Sriracha mayonnaise, and crusty French Bread. Pair this with a dessert of golden beignets gently exhaling steam laced with powdered sugar, and you’ve probably had one of the best meals you’ve had in a long time. (And we haven’t even gone into the Belgian-style fries and gravy-slathered poutine.)

Jason started off his career as a line cook, but found it was missing one key ingredient: the people. Opening up his own food truck allowed him to be his own boss, source beautiful ingredients, and, most importantly, interact with the customers lining up in front of his window from 11am to 6pm (11 to 4 on Sundays).

You’re still thinking about that pork belly, aren’t you. Head over to Sideshow Eatery at SW 9th & Washington and satisfy that craving we’re sure these pictures will ignite.



image1. Spreading on sriracha mayo.

image2. Heating up the pork belly that he cured and slow cooked himself.

imagePutting on the arugula and pickled apples.

imageLastly, the pork belly! 


imageLook at how beautiful this sandwich is!


Jason makes fresh beignets!

imageHe also makes poutine!!! It’s a great snack to eat on a cold day. That gravy will warm you up nicely.

—Edited by Terri Phillips

Here’s the video of all the yumminess getting made as well.

Sideshow Eatery
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