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Charles Thomas - EuroTrash

If you guys are looking for fun and good food, Charles and Gus are your guys! Charles is the owner of the fabulous EuroTrash food cart!! He is quite the funny man as you’ll see below. He does a fantastic job of serving euro-inspired food. 

We interviewed Charles for a little bit and here’s what we got.

BTFC: So what’s the story/inspiration behind EuroTrash?
Charles: I lived in Portugal and traveled all over Europe studying art, and I ate all sorts of good food on a budget. And I wanted to do a food cart based on that.

BTFC: What’s your favorite spice you like to use?
Charles: I love playing with curry. I call it one of the “dark spices”.

BTFC: If you had to recommend only 1 item for people to try from your cart what would it be?
Charles: Fishy Chips. They’re different and fun to try.

BTFC: What the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Charles: Be good to people. And don’t do drugs. 


We had the Foie Gras and Fishy Chips!

Quick steps in making the Foie Gras.
1. Cut a fat piece of foie gras. 2. Season it. 3. Fry up some nah nah chip and add some aioli on it. 4. Mix it all up. 5. Fry that foie gras. 6. Top off the chips with the fat and juicy foie gras. 

Seriously, the foie gras literally melts in your mouth. It’s so dang good. 

Here are the delicious Fishy Chips! It’s definitely one of our favorites!

EuroTrash - located at the Good Food Here pod
4298 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97215